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Why we use Soy Wax

If you’re here for the short read: Soy wax is better value for money, better for you, better for your home and better for the environment.

If you’re here for the longer read, let us break down the benefits of burning a Skye Candle made using soy wax.

A cost effective, eco friendly and vegan option

Using soy wax in candles was first discovered in 1991 in an attempt to find a more cost effective alternative to beeswax. However, whilst trying to create something cheaper than beeswax, they also came up with a more environmentally friendly option. Not only that, but they also create one that could be inclusive for those who chose to live a vegan lifestyle. When it comes to candles, you may be wondering, how could a candle possibly be sustainable or eco friendly? Well, the wax we use is in fact a completely natural repurposed by-product of the food production industry that would otherwise go to waste. Soybeans are the second largest vegetable crop to come out of the United States after corn, which means soy wax is readily available, unlike beeswax.



Harmful Alternatives

Paraffin wax is the most popular option when it comes to candles. This is due to its low cost. However, in some ways, this lower price comes with a higher cost. Whilst soy wax is 100% natural and non-toxic, paraffin wax comes from petroleum. That just isn’t something we think you should be burning in your home as part of your self care routine. It can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and lungs and this was in fact the driving force for the creation of Isle of Skye Candle Company. Why would anyone want to burn a potentially harmful product in your home when there is natural alternatives available? 



This is a great one for us when it comes to our recycling rewards scheme as it means the wax washes off of our containers very easilly. It also means if you want to repurpose your glass at home, it is very easy to do so. All you need to do is pour in some hot water, add a bit of soap, wait for the wax to soften from the sides and wash it away. We’ve seen some brilliant uses for our glass, from being used as a whisky tumbler to a flower vase. 



Value for money

Not only are the green alternatives of soy wax a huge advantage, but it also has a lower melting point meaning they burn a lot slower and in turn last longer! At face value, soy candles may appear more expensive than the paraffin alternatives, but alongside being a lot better for you, they also burn for about twice as long compared to paraffin candles! (Please note, this means it’ll take your soy candle a little longer to reach the sides of your container which we recommend doing to avoid tunneling.) 


Clean fragrance

Soy wax is an excellent fragrance carrier. It creates a much better wax pool due to its lower melting point and this is where the fragrance is then thrown into the room. Where some candle makers add chemical fragrance amplifiers, we just let our fragrance oils (they’re natural too!) work in harmony with our wax to fill your home with non-harmful fragrance. They also produce drastically less smoke and soot, meaning it’ll be much better for you and your home. 



So, if you haven’t already, we hope this helps you ditch the paraffin and switch to soy!


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