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An Stiùideo

The studio is a place of calm and tranquility here at The Isle of Skye Candle Co. Visitor Centre. Bright and airy with natural wood it's the perfect place to run yoga classes or group wellness sessions.

Hire pricing is as follows:

Hour Slot (Peak) (11am-3pm): £25

Hour Slot (Off-Peak)- (9am-11am & 3pm-9pm): £20

Full Morning 9am - 1pm: £70

Full Afternoon 1pm - 5pm: £70

Full Evening Slot 5pm - 9pm: £70

Note: Please make sure that any set up and take down of equipment must be done during your booked hour to allow the space to be used by other groups.

This space is no longer set up to be used as a meeting room. However there is space within the restaurant and theatre lobby for casual group meet-ups.