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Green Ingredients

Our natural wax which we use in all our candles is a blend of soya and botanical oils which are completely healthy and toxin free. The wax is sustainable, biodegradable and burns longer and brighter than other waxes. The wax itself is derived from ethically sourced American grown soya, primarily from Illinois and Iowa.

Our reed diffuser base is also a derivative of soya so shares the same environmental qualities as the wax. We specifically avoid soya from South American countries where the soy plantations have been known to be amongst the causes for deforestation.



Green Packaging

We make sure that each and every one of our products are made and packaged in the most environmental way.

We opted in for infinitely reusable glass tumblers and bottles with recyclable metal container alternatives for those concerned about the weight and fragility of glass.

Our outer packaging is all made from recyclable card and if you buy our products in our shops, you will take them home in recyclable paper gift bags with biodegradable cotton handles.

Online customers will receive their goods packaged in recyclable tissue and kraft paper for protection, packed into a recyclable box taped with you guessed it, recyclable tape.


For the customers who live locally to our stores we offer a recycling reward for all of our products. When the used candle and diffuser products are returned to us, the used containers get cleaned, safety checked and then returned to our workshop on Skye. They then can simply be reused in the next batch of candles and reed diffusers we make.

This all helps reduce our carbon footprint and stops the containers going to waste. If the containers are damaged we make sure they are recycled, disposed of responsibly.  

Do More

A little bit more

Since 2012 every single light fitting in all our premises have used LEDs.

Since 2015 we've got our entire power needs using 100% renewable energy.

We don't print receipts in our stores by default (thermal paper can't be recycled).

We share our excess cardboard to the Skye community for their gardens (provides compostable material & kills weeds).

We encourage our staff to cycle to work.

We complain to our suppliers if they send us our materials using non recyclable packaging.

We even use an Electric car to make smaller deliveries to our shops.