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New start, new look

The 26th of April was a happy day for Skye Candles. Not only were we able to welcome our lovely customers back in our stores and therefore at last start the shopping season for the first time in 2021, we also got to show off the brand new look of our Edinburgh shop. We’ve kept this one quiet, even the retail team was kept in the dark, which made our big reveal on Monday all the more fun.
The Victoria Street location is a special one to us. It was our very first mainland location! Nestled in the Old Town, round the corner from Grassmarket, the shop used to have a cosy, boutique-y feel to it. The spot had celebrated its 7 years this year, and while the quirky look served us well all these years, as our branding and design continues to evolve, we have decided to it is time to  upgrade the look of our wee shop too. And since our door had to remain shut for a good few months, we have found this the right opportunity to do so. Let’s call it a silver lining to otherwise a not-so-ideal situation.
The makeover was functional as well as about the aesthetics. Besides the colour scheme changing, to a sleek black style, creating a space that truly showcases the pop of colour in our packaging, we have also extended the shopfloor. What once used to be an office space and a made shift photo studio, is now part of the shop, giving our lovely customers even more room to browse the wonderful Scottish Collection, in its own separate area.
The layout of the main part of the shop has changed slightly too, creating a sense of a clearer and more spacious showroom. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, thanks to the joinery team at Home Trades Services and BMG Amos Decorators. The Edinburgh shop now matches the style of our other locations and our general vibe as a company. And a wee cherry on top - the new furniture units were made by our friends Sleat Furniture Services on Skye, who we’ve talked about before
Have you been to the shop yet? Let us know what you think!
P.S. There is one thing about our shops we’ll never change – furry visitors welcome!


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