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We CANNOT wait to come back!

We are gearing up to open our stores and we could not be more excited about it. Heres a couple of reasons why: 

Return your empties 
For the customers who live locally to our stores, we offer a recycling reward for all of our products. When you get to the end of your candle and diffuser products, you can return them to us. Youll receive 10% of the price of that original product back in store credit. Well then have the containers cleaned, safety checked and returned to our workshop on Skye. They are then simply reused in the next batch of candles and reed diffusers we create.   
This helps reduce our carbon footprint by a significant amount and if you dont have a way to repurpose them at home, it stops the containers from going to waste. If the containers you return are damaged or not up to standard, we make sure they are recycled or disposed of responsibly.  
Weve unfortunately have not got this scheme set up to work outwith our stores, so were glad itll be up and running again when they reopen. Were sure youll also be glad to get your stack of empties off your hands and reap the benefits of the money youll save by returning them. 
Boost sense of community 
Weve always regarded shopping locally as hugely important. The high street is the life and soul of communities and shopping locally is deeply engrained in island life. Its a place where jobs are created, people come together, and small businesses can grow. We love being a part of each and every high street where our shops are situated. 

Even before these challenging times, the high street was under strain. However, its been lovely to see support and recognition building, with hashtags such as #ShopLocal and #SupportSmallBusinesses begin to appear across social media.   
Our lovely customers 
Therenothing we love more than seeing smiling customers, we can tell even with those masks on. Coming through the doors of our shops across the country; whether its because youve been shopping with us for years, or because you clocked the name and wondered what Skye Candles were up to on Victoria Street in Edinburgh. The Island economy is pretty fragile and has only recently seen the population start to stabilise from a rapid decline. It's always been a sore point to have many talented friends and family leave the Island to find work due to a lack of opportunities. Trying to change this has always been a major driver for us to grow and show that it is possible to deliver high quality, handmade products from the Isle of Skye all across the country and further afield. When you step through our doors, you help make that possible.  
Our amazing staff always love hearing your stories of your travels around Skye or the memories that a particular scent trigger for you. So please, if you feel safe and ready to do so when we can open our doors again, "Thig a-steach (come in). Even if its just for a wee blether. 


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