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We’re the dog friendliest

We will get straight to the point – we LOVE dogs.
Our furry friends are always more than welcome in all of our shops. It’s a pleasure to see their cute faces any day, any time, but more importantly we take it as a huge compliment! Their noses are known to be 40 times better than our human ones, so if the smell of our shops draws the doggos in, we must be doing something right.
As a team, we’ve always been allowed, encouraged really, to bring our dogs to work. So let us introduce you our four-legged executives.
On the more senior positions we have Corran, gorgeous lab that can be seen roaming the hills on Skye with our founder James. This true star of a pup has made it to the big screens of Skye Candles too! If you visit our shops, you can see this handsome boy in our company video that’s playing on the telly. And hopefully I won’t get in trouble with James when I say that he kind of stole the show.
James & Corran
Next up we have Nancy, the trustee side kick of our graphic designer Caitlin. No day in the Broadford office can be ruff with this curly haired beaut in the corner.

The two company juniors who have recently joined our marketing and social media team are Nuala and Dax. Nuala is a smart and beautiful border collie and Dax is a cheeky German Shepherd pup. They might be new to the company but we can already tell that these two will go places. Metaphorically and literally, as Nuala has already been on a few company van runs with Lee. 

Nuala & Lee


With Scotland and the UK re-opening, there’s been this talk of dogs being left at home again, which we think is a mistake. So we’d like to invite you to any of our stores with all your dog pals but also, head to our Instagram and let us know what are your favourite dog friendly places in the area you live in, we’ll try to give these businesses a shoutout.


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