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The Faces Behind Skye Candles: Willie Stewart

Following on from our last staff feature about Hector MacKenzie, we'd like to continue to share the stories of our team, to showcase the faces that collectively help to bring our brand to life. This month we'd like to celebrate one of our newest employees, Willie Stewart.  

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have employed many gifted individuals. Some are still part of the team, some have moved on to different ventures. Some we are lucky enough to have brought on as a result of purchasing the Aros Centre, Willie being one of them.

Although Willie is new to the Isle of Skye Candle Co. team, he is by no means new to the building we are in the process of renovating to become our visitor centre. In fact, he was one of the Aros centre's very first employees, having started working there a whole 29 years ago when Willie was newly out of school and the Aros centre was newly opened. 

Willie grew up in Portree where he still lives.  His mum's side of the family is from Kilmaluag in the north end of Skye where he spent many a summer holiday when he was a kid.

Outside of work, Willie likes to spend his weekends going through to watch Aberdeen FC, which he tells us hasn't been the most relaxing thing to do on his time off recently (We hope Willie has himself a nice Lavender or Sleep Sensation candle to burn when he gets home from these stressful trips!).

We had a conversation with his about his time at Aros and his future at Isle of Skye Candle Co. and here is what he said:

What is your favourite thing about working at the Skye Candles visitor centre?

The variety of things I can end up doing in one day - and that's before the centre is fully open!


Is there a lesson you learned while working for Aros that you'll carry into working for Isle of Skye Candle Co.?

I think that being flexible and willing to help out where needed is important as having a knowledge of each department of the centre really helps in my role.


What is your favourite candle fragrance?

Mango - I really like the sweetness of its fragrance


We could not imagine a more fitting person to have as our general manager at Isle of Skye Candle Co. Visitor Centre, and we feel so lucky to have been able to welcome Willie to the team.



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