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Incoming: Isle of Skye Candle Company Visitor Centre

We’re so excited to finally share with you what the future of Isle of Skye Candle Company has in store. Although, some of you will probably know it as one of Skye’s worst kept secrets!


James has always wanted to build a visitor centre on Skye, but had always said the only thing that would have been better than building his own, would be if the Aros Centre were to ever come up for sale. And what do you know, towards the end of last year, that is exactly what happened.



The Aros centre has been a cultural hub in Portree for many years. We understand how important it is to the community and as we take over ownership, we want to ensure we continue its legacy with the people of Skye at the heart of what we do.


Our design team are busy finalising things in preparation for renovations that we will be beginning soon. Whilst we are still very much in the early development stage of the project, there are a few things we are able to tell you. We plan to open a new eatery, run a bustling cinema and theatre (with particular emphasis on offering entertainment during the long winter months) and of course, a much larger area for the production of our much loved home fragrance. 



During renovations, we will be keeping the current cafe/bar area open to the public and although we will be using the pre-existing décor and seating we will be changing the menu and offering something similar to our Deli in Broadford (Deli Gasta). We also hope to reopen the cinema soon with a busy program of films and events and can’t wait to welcome everyone back to the theatre. 

We are delighted to have retained the staff who were working in the Aros Centre and can’t wait for them to be part of our team. 


We'd like to thank everyone involved in making Aros happen. It’s served the people of Skye since 1993 and without it, Skye wouldn’t have been as great a place to live. Having such a vibrant art and culture scene really helped make living here not feel so isolated. These certainly are some big boots to fill, but we're ready for the challenge.


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