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Edinburgh Fringe Festival is upon us!

It is no secret that we are in love with our island, the location that inspires our range and amazes visitors from all around the world daily! But besides our two awesome Skye shops, we are lucky enough to have a store in most of Scottish major towns and cities. Each of our shops is unique and fun in its own way and we have decided to spend the next few weeks introducing them in a little bit more detail to you.

We will start things off with our Edinburgh shop. We have opened the door of this wee boutique style unit over 9 years ago. It was our very first mainland shop – what a milestone!

Edinburgh shop
Nestled at the bottom of Victoria Street, at the perfect angle to capture the view that inspired J. K. Rowling’s Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books, not many tourists come to the old down and stop by our door. Even without the ‘magical’ backstory, the location is just around the corner from the majestic Edinburgh Castle and the iconic Royal Mile. It is needless to say that the place is buzzing all year round. But when it comes to August, things get kicked into a whole new level, with the month-long Fringe festival that takes over the city. 
Fringe Festival
This year the official start of the falls onto Friday the 4th of August, but as anyone who has been around for Fringe before would notice, the beautiful chaos always starts a little bit earlier with the various shows’ previews, ticket huts, food trucks and beer gardens popping up like mushrooms and billboards, posters and flyers of all shapes and sizes filling up every inch of any potential advertisement surface area.
Edinburgh Fringe Festival is one of the world’s biggest performing arts celebrations, hosting literally thousands of shows over the month of August. It is a must-experience event that completely transforms the atmosphere of the city.
We have to disclose that it can be quite a hectic experience, as the population of the city triples, but it is definitely another fantastic reason for people all around the world to visit Scotland, and hopefully bring a wee handmade souvenir, be it by Isle of Skye Candle Company or any of our talented independent artists and brands that we handpicked to stock. We will introduce them individually soon!
Chloe Gardner


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