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Signature Range Gift Boxes - Coming soon...

Just like our Signature Large Tumblers, our luxury gift boxes are coming back in a sleek new look. We’ve handpicked our most popular signature scents and built these stunning bundles, in time to make the winter hibernation just that little bit nicer for your loved ones, or maybe for yourself too.

The gift boxes will be available in-store and online from 25th November in selected scents but covering all the main scent groups. Whether you’re after something fresh, spicy, floral or festive, we’ve got you covered. Scents that will be available are: Sleep Sensation, Lemongrass, Juniper, Oriental Lily, Vanilla & Fig, Frankincense & Myrrh, Pimento & Cranberries and Winter Warmer.
The boxes will contain a votive candle, a small tumbler and a reed diffuser, packing minimum of 50 hours burn time and approximately 10 weeks of effortless home fragrance from the diffuser.
With spending more time in our homes, be it due to the season of cold weather or the circumstances 2020 has prepared for us, home fragrancing is a great way to instantly uplift any room in your house and make spending your time indoors more enjoyable. The products can be used separately or all together to create an immersive scent experience. To make the most out of your products, check out our care guide!
With Christmas around the corner, we don’t need to tell you that these will make an excellent present too! And as always, in the spirit of trying to keep the planet a little bit healthier, all the containers can be returned to any of our stores to part-take in our recycling incentive program. If you don’t live near our shops, the glasses can be repurposed or recycled.


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