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Wait no more, our Signature Large Tumblers are back in stock,

in a brand new look!

One of our most popular sizes, the Signature Large Tumbler has undergone an exciting design makeover. The candles now come in a sleek black glass with an engraved wooden lid.

New look, same amazing scents

Even though the candles now look different, we only changed the outside. The candles are still completely plant based, using only soya wax and the finest quality oils creating the same great scents you know and love. The burn time of each tumbler remains the same, minimum of 45 hours.

Less packaging = less waste

Reducing waste is something we are truly passionate about here at Skye Candles. All of our packaging is single use plastic free and recyclable. Our new large tumbler are presented in sturdy glass, covered with a stylish lid to make sure the wax remains clean while the candles wait on the shelf before they find their place in the world, so there is no need to put them in box. These reduces material waste altogether.  The glass and the lid are of course also a part of our in-store recycling programme.

The little extras that makes us “us”

Even though you won’t find our whimsical little messages on the bottom of the box any more, you’ll be able to read a brief bio about our island on the bottom of the wooden lid. Skye is really one of our most defining features and so we carried our Cuillins inspired designs from the boxes onto our labels directly.
So without further ado, we’re delighted to introduce our new Large Tumblers!
Let us know what you think.


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