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6 signs that the long-awaited Scottish summer is coming...

We’re gonna preface this post by saying that we therily enjoy the cosy winter season. But all good things must come to an end, which means that inevitably, we start looking forward to the brighter warmer months, and start looking out for the signs that this season is coming. 

Here are the signs:

1. Gorse is in the air!
Touching upon the saying mention in our Highland Gorse post there is a blooming gorse bush somewhere in Scotland all year round. So a little bit of Gorse cannot be trusted! However, when most of the bushes turn bright yellow and the air gets warmer, the lovely gorse aroma starts to linger in the air. And we do love that gorse aroma! 

 2. Fields turn blue 
Staying in the lane of beautiful Scottish flora giving us the ultimate summer heads-up, the bluebells. All around Scotland, fields and forest ground gets speckled by the gorgeous blue flowers. PSA: These are to be admired where they are; The bluebell is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). That being said, if you’d like to have some bluebells at home, we highly recommend our Scottish Bluebell Reed Diffuser - we have captured the smell in our Scottish Collection fragrance and the sight on the inside of our packaging. 
3. The music festival season commences

This sign might not be a sign of the Scottish Summer per se. However, it definitely is a sign of summer and Scotland and Skye do not fall behind in hosting amazing live gigs and festivals, Skye Live just a couple weekends ago being a prime example to prove our point. 

4. Ice cream that melts
Similarly to gorse, enjoying ice cream is an all-year-round activity. There’s never a wrong time or season for ice cream. And even though there might be an advantage to take your time with your ice cream, without the pressure of it melting because it’s freezing outside, we don’t thing anyone will get mad at us calling summer the ice cream season. 

5. Pints in the sun (over 18 years of age only!)
Firstly, this point only applies for people of legal drinking age. Secondly, if that’s you and you are on the market for a great pint rec - our friends at Cuillin Brewery are who you want to check out. Thirdly, how is this a sign of summer? Well to be able to enjoy a pint after “cocktail hour” aka 5pm, in the sun or even just in the daylight, it simply needs to be summer.  

6. Midges
And last but not least, the most bittersweet sign of the summer in Scotland - midges. One doesn’t come without the other. So even if the enthusiasm for the little insects might be on a different scale than all of the other signs we’ve mentioned, they most certainly belong on the list.


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