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Bringing in Spring with Skye Candles

With daily walks having become a staple in many of our days, it’s lovely to see an ever-increased connection to the world around us. With this increased connection, you may have noticed a heightened awareness of the passing seasons. 


We absolutely love winter. The shorter days and constant quest for cosiness make for the perfect candle burning conditions. However, we’re not going to pretend that sometimes the colder and darker days in lockdown weren’t a little tough. As spring starts to come into its fullest and finest form, we’re feeling a shift in our energy. We see this as a time to follow suit and switch up the energy in our home by phasing out the sweetness and spice of winter fragrance. We're now filling our home with fresh and floral notes to compliment the new season.


Spring Scene


Scotland is rather well known for its unpredictable weather. Recently we seen the country covered in snow, just as we thought the wintery weather was over. Our sense of smell has huge links to how we feel. So, on the duller days where the sun goes back into hiding, an uplifting scent is a good way to keep the spring in your step. 


We’ve compiled a list of our favourite fragrances for this time of year that will be seeing us through spring and into summer.


Machair Flowers

Machair is a word of Gaelic origin that refers to the grassy area found on parts of the northwest coastlines and is particularly gorgeous and prevalent in the Hebrides. It’s a very fertile spot and the floral notes of our Machair fragrance come from the colourful wildflowers that grow here. Subtle hints of kelp harmonise with harebell, gentian, orchid and bluebell are brought together to create a botanical scent.  

For us, this is the scent of the Scottish shorelines and we love seeing the machair come into bloom in spring and summer. If you love the coast but don’t live as close to it as you’d like, this is the scent to transport you there. 


Machair Flowers Large Candle


Highland Gorse

It’s said that when gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of fashion. The reason for this saying is because somewhere in Scotland, there is always a gorse bush blooming. So, in turn, kissing will never go out of fashion. Turns out mistletoe isn’t the only plant that encourages a bit of smooching!  

Although there is always some gorse in bloom somewhere, spring is when we are treated to the full effect of gorse’s vibrancy and beautiful coconut aroma. The way it brightens up the countryside with its sunshine yellow colour is an instant mood booster. Bring the scent of a Highland spring into your home, with our fresh sweet gorse fragrance. Combining warm sweet balsamic floral and green herbaceous notes that rest on a base of other scents associated with the countryside, such as Scots pine, cedarwood and amber.


Highland Gorse Candles


Scottish Bluebell

There’s a bit of a debate in Scotland around our national flower. Some stand firmly by the fact that it is the iconic, rough around the edges, thistle. Alternatively, others claim it is the dainty bluebell. What we do know for certain, is that the violet-blue coloured, sweet scented flowers of bluebell are an inseparable sign of spring, especially here in the Highlands.  

These beautiful plants are protected in the wild, but we have found a way to pull the fresh bluebell smell into your home, without pulling the flower from the ground. We have built on the bluebell notes by adding jasmine, an ingredient often used in scent mixology to amplify the richness of the floral tones. Topped off by a little bit of galbanum, a rich, green aroma, the Scottish Bluebell is a wonderfully unique, breath of spring kind of a fragrance.

Scottish Bluebell Candles and Diffuser



No additives, no man-made fragrances, just pure lemongrass distilled straight from the plant. Not only is it a perfect scent to compliment your spring cleaning, but the aromatic properties of lemongrass are also exactly what is required to re-energise your tired body after a cold and dark winter. Lemongrass essential oil is in fact a popular choice in aromatherapy with its links to relieving stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Lemongrass Candle


Pomegranate and Plum

This fantastically fruity fragrance is a sure way to help keep you feeling invigorated through the April showers. The combination of these two delicious fruits creates a sweet and uplifting aroma. In Greek mythology, pomegranate is often associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Meanwhile, plum blossom’s five petals represent the five traditional Chinese gods of happiness. Fill your home with love and happiness this spring with Pomegranate and Plum. 


Pomegranate and Plum Candle and Reed Diffuser


Whether you like to alternate your home fragrance to match the season or if you prefer to stick with your trusted favourites, we hope your home is a place that brings you joy this spring.


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