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Charity Box Collaboration

We are proud to be working with Charity Box to raise funds for good causes.


Charity Box is a family owned business started by Jenier World of Teas that currently operates from their warehouse and production facility based in Glasgow. During the Pandemic of 2020, they received so many requests from good causes looking for help to raise funds. People were struggling and they wanted to help everyone, but how could we do this in a sustainable way?


In the end, they came up with the idea of putting together boxes of sustainable products that have the least impact on our environment. These boxes could then be purchased and shipped anywhere in the UK to someone you feel may be in need of a pick me up. For each item sold, a fixed amount of cash will be donated directly to a registered charity that has signed up to be part of Charity Box.



On their website, you can see the charities you can support by sending out a box. They include Refuweejee and Glasgow Children's Hospital. With our founders having such strong ties to Glasgow, these are two charities that are very close to our hearts. We are so pleased that by donating candles to be included in the boxes, we can help support these worthy causes.



We hope the charities feel a great benefit through being part of this project. We also hope the people who receive a gift box are pleased with the items inside, including an exclusive “Thinking of You” candle. We’re wishing the folks at Charity Box all the best with their launch today (Monday the 9th of August).






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