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Take a deep breath - it's Thyme to relax...

We are introducing our latest addition to the Scottish Collection, a brand new scent, Wild Mountain Thyme. 

A fragrance inspired by the wilderness of the Scottish mountains.
Our new, fresh herbal blend consists of several key ingredients, each carrying its own purpose.Thyme, of course, but also the lesser known petitgrain, with base notes of orange and rosemary, balanced out with galbanum and woody notes of pine. 

While these days thyme and rosemary are predominantly known for their flavour in the culinary context, their distinct aroma has led to their use as essential oils in aromatherapy and dates back all the way to Ancient Greece time.
Thyme was known to be soothing, and to have almost grounding effect on the emotions, rosemary is said to slow down elevated pulse rate and strengthen memory.  And even though we’re not off to fight gladiators on the daily any more, we can all still use a bit of calming and unwinding through these essential oils.  

Another part of our new mix, that is not quite as famous as the others, galbanum is extracted from a plant, similar in fragrance to patchouli, bergamot or oakmoss, and its rich green aroma adds elegance to this unique scent.

Fun fact: Galbanum is actually one of the key ingredients in Chanel’s No.19 perfume – talk about being in a good company!

Lastly, we’ll mention the orange and petitgrain. Although these are distilled from the same citrusy botanical species, petitgrain has a distinct and quite different smell. This is due to the oil being extracted from the leave and even twigs of the tree, rather than the blossoms, which is the case for, for instance, neroli - a key ingredient in our Grapefruit and Neroli scent range.  

Needless to say that we’re excited to present to you this wonderful new blend…
a scent beautiful enough to have songs written and sang about it! 

Available in-store and online from today! 


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