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Why should I scent my wedding?

You've found the dress and sorted the venue, but have you decided how you want your big day to smell? Scenting an event is a luxury and some may think an unnecessary cost to an already expensive event, but many couples are now choosing a signature aroma. Invoking all five senses creates a memorable event and that includes the scent of the occasion. 
Scent can often be overlooked when planning your wedding day, but scent is strongly associated with recollection and will build lasting memories of your day. Due to the powerful impact that a scent can have on your emotions, feelings & memories, it is one of the most important details of your wedding. This includes your perfume, aftershave, the smell of your bouquet and now the scent of your venue.
You can scent your wedding venue a number of ways… Burning candles will create an envious romantic ambiance with dancing flames. You can incorporate candles as centrepieces on your tables and dot them around the room. These can be given away as gifts at the end of the night or you can take them home to scent your home and give you happy reminders of your perfect day.
Seated for speeches, you could also gift your guests and wedding party with bespoke candle wedding favours that will summon lifelong memories after the day has ended. There really is nothing better than the intoxicating spell of an amazing candle aroma and the memories it brings back. The scent you choose will be the ultimate lifelong gift you gave yourself as well as a touching memory to those who attend your special day.
You may choose to combine scents for different parts of the day, or different areas in the venue. A reception space will lend itself well to a floral aroma; the most common elegant choices include Bohemian Rose and Lavender. These scents easily fill the room. 
Meghan Markle reported to have scented her venue with the scent of orange blossom.
The moral of this blog, be more like Meghan.



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