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Gifts for... a Christmas movie gift guide

Or what to get from our Gift Edit collection based on their favourite Christmas movie...
At the start of the month we’ve released our Gift Edit - a wee guide to wise gift-giving this Christmas. From candles to skin care, we've carefully curated this handy collection, full of our festive favourites, to help you gift wisely this Christmas. 
December is one of our busiest months - a beautiful handmade candle is a great gift as well as a perfect addition to your festive home decorations, elevating the atmosphere with the best festive aromas. So without sounding overly confident, we have become experts of sort in the Christmas favourites. 
And as such, we wanted to further elaborate on the guide, make suggestions for the perfect Christmas gift for your mum, uncle, sister… The problem is we don’t know your mum, but we know our products and we know our Christmas movies. So here are our suggestions for the perfect Christmas present for our Gift Edit collection, based on the Christmas movie favourites. 
Winter Warmer Gift Box - The Elf
Our Winter Warmer is Christmas in a fragrance form! Our gift box containing a Small Tumbler, a Votive and a Reed Diffuser in this scent is the perfect option for those who, much like Buddy the Elf, have been counting down the days until Christmas since August and crave a fully immersive festive experience all through the holidays and beyond. 
Pimento & Cranberries Gift Box - Love Actually
This scent is sweet, cheerful and popular. The gift box combines multiple products, much like Love Actually combines several life stories, you see how this is a great match!
Scottish Bluebell - The Bridget Jones’ Diary
This beautiful fresh and floral scent is perfect for brightening up the living room when your friends decide to visit unannounced and as a bonus the blue label will match your potato leek soup, if you make it the Bridget way. 
Spruce & Fir Large Tumbler - Home Alone 2 | Lost in New York
If you know someone who has the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York on their travel wish list is obsessed with Christmas trees, or trees and woods in general, our Spruce & Fir large tumbler is THE present for them. With this scent they’ll feel like they have a 10ft real tree in their living room, even if they only have the room for a small artificial pine. 
Frankincense & Myrrh (any size) - The Nativity Story
The ultimate Christmas Gift, capital ‘G’, as frankincense and myrrh were among the gifts brought by the Three Wise Men, according to the story. So anyone who enjoys The Nativity Play, in any of the multiple screen adaptations, will get the sentiment straight away and appreciate it for sure! Not to mention, the wonderful scent.
Highland Gorse Travel Container - The Holiday
Is their ideal Christmas on a sunny beach or in a cosy cottage in the country? Our Highland Gorse scent somehow represents both! The smell is reminiscent of Scottish spring and summer, silky smooth and warm, perfect for a cosy night in. The Travel Container Size is an added bonus that coincides with the plot of the movie, completely by accident, but it’s nice when things work out.
Wild Mountain Thyme Miniature - Die Hard
Our Wild Mountain Thyme is a scent inspired by the ruggedness and wilderness of the Scottish mountains. Rugged and wild seems pretty apt for John McLane. With the heavier herbal tones of this fragrance some would consider it a winter scent, but it is not specifically a winter scent. Kind of like Die Hard - is it a Christmas movie or not? 
Highland Soap Co. and Lusan Botanicals Skin Care - How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Did you happen to get Mr.Grinch in secret Santa this year? As in… “Mr. Grinch! The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote: Stink, stank, stunk!” Then our skin care products might be the perfect solution. It is a beautiful present and a hint. All jokes aside, they are also the perfect present for anyone who loves natural skin care products created with only high quality ingredients, and appreciates the effort that was put into making these great items by hand.
Our Gift Edit special offers are still available, in-store as well as online, with the  discounts going up to 30%!
We hope you enjoyed our guide, but if you are still unsure, you can always let the giftee choose themselves, and get them a wee Skye Candles gift card


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