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What Makes Our 6 Winter Scents, “Winter”

While some scents are crowd pleasers all year round, we have a selection of scents who skyrocket in popularity seasonally. And given that winter is now in full swing, we figured it would make sense to dive into what makes Skye Candles winter scents, “winter”.  
Winter Warmer & Cinnamon 
We’ll start with the obvious one – Winter Warmer. It is in the name. But why?  
The Winter Warmer is a blend of cinnamon, orange and cloves. This combination became synonymous with Christmas, be it through cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices used as natural tree decorations, or their delicious flavours adding flavour to mulled punch, wine or any other variations of the drink you might know and like. However, since the Christmas tree tradition as we know it only dates back to 16th century Germany and mulled wine goes all the way to 2nd century Roman, we’ll go with the mulled wine origin. The Romans used to heat up their red wine and add the fruit slices and spices for added antioxidants to keep them healthy and warm throughout winter. The drink became popular in different variations across the centuries all around Europe and Northern America. We have to say we are big fans of the combination ourselves, be it in a warm mug or a candle tumbler.  
Frankincense & Myrrh 
Even though this scent is a popular aromatherapy and perfumery all year round, we have chosen it for one of our winter scents due to its connection to the nativity story, the basis of the Christmas holidays. The story has it that the three Wise Men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh as their gifts. Besides this background, the combination of the spiciness and muskiness of the scent creates a pleasant warmth, ideal for a chilly winter evening in, making it a perfect present for anyone, full stop.  
Pimento & Cranberries 
This sweet scent with a touch of spice is one of the newer additions to our signature range. It is the perfect options for those who like fruity scents in general, but looking for something warm and cosy at the same times. Cranberries being served with Christmas dinner is the obvious associations, but the reason why this tradition has started is that cranberries are actually harvested in autumn. This means that before international transport of all sorts of tropical fruits was the norm, we used to rely on seasonally and locally grown produce, making these little red berries the winter fruit staple.  
Spruce & Fir 
When we launched this scent originally, we received a response calling a fresh scent, reminiscent of a forest hike. The reason why we include this in our winter range is that both of the evergreens are a common option for real Christmas trees and wreaths. And so, this smell would often carry in the houses during the festive period.  
Ginger & Nutmeg  
We would describe this scent as fresh and crisp. However, the core notes being the key ingredients of gingerbread cookies have landed it on the winter scent list. Either that or perhaps the cleanliness of this scent combination is the perfect note to start a new year fresh. Whichever is the case, we are happy with it.  
Let us know what scents are your personal winter favourites, and who knows, maybe next year they’ll make it to the roster! We love listening to your feedback and much like Santa, we make a list too.  


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