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We’ve partnered up for Pine!

Last night we’ve launched a lovely new fragrance - Scots Pine. It's the newest addition to our premium Scottish range. While we do get excited about every new scent creation, this one is truly special! It marks the beginning of our collaboration with the Woodland Trust.

For every Scots Pine candle that we sell, we pledge to donate £1 towards the restoration of native pinewoods in Loch Arkaig.

A new Scottish collection candle has always been planned to launch for this time of the year. We’ve also always known that we would like to involve a charity of some sort. But we couldn't have predicted how well would the two things come together. Literally, on the day when we finalised the works on the new product, we received a leaflet from the Woodland Trust. A great cause towards helping the nature in our beloved Highlands that's even in sync with our new scent! Ideal, there was no question about it.

And so we were incredibly delighted to officially announce our new product as well as the exciting new project last night in our flagship store in Glasgow!

The event was a great success. The Woodland Trust representative, George Anderson, delivered a wonderful presentation highlighting the charity’s efforts, plans of action and the importance of the cause.

The new fragrance was amazingly received by all the guests attending. This included one of Glasgow’s biggest bloggers Amanda of who called it “the perfect scent for winter”. And we couldn't agree more!

As off today, you can buy the new Scots Pine candle in all Skye Candles outlets as well as online


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