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We Have the Power to Change

Nature and taking things slow is at the heart of life here on the Island. We all know we need to take more responsibility when it comes to the environment and nowhere is that more evident than Skye. Our endless coastlines make clear just how much humans have changed our world, with plastic and rubbish littering the shorelines. 


Not only are we ever-evolving our products themselves to offer the finest quality whilst not costing the planet, but this also spans the whole way across our business. From using entirely LED lighting in our premises to shipping our orders completely plastic free. We are committed to doing our part.


As you may well know, we have not had our air fresheners in stock for a while now. We have been finding it tricky to find an alternative packaging that doesnt involve the single-use plastic slip that air fresheners so often come in. We understand this is a frustration for some customers who are waiting to replace their old ones. However, we are too committed to being an environmentally conscious company whilst also delivering the best quality product to make any compromises in the name of speeding up this process. 



However, that being said, we have very much been successful in finding sustainable solutions elsewhere in our business. As mentioned in a previous post, all of our candle containers can be returned to us in store where we will clean and safety check them and return them into circulation. If they dont pass the safety and quality check, we will dispose of them responsibly. With glass being such a strong and reliable material, these tumblers are indefinitely reusable and it really helps reduce our carbon footprint by adding them back into our production line. 


An area where most businesses incorporate non-recyclable items is the packaging of orders. Our boxes for each candle are made from recyclable card and if you buy our products in our shops, you will take them home in recyclable paper gift bags with biodegradable cotton handles. Also, with the introduction of our new large tumblers and their oak lid, we have eliminated the need for a box completely. 



We feel a sense of pride sending out our online orders with completely plastic free packaging. We use recyclable tissue and kraft paper instead of bubble wrap. A part of packaging that often catches people out and is not recyclable is the tape that holds the box together. We love working with Sticker Mule as our tape suppliers, where it is not only customised but is completely recyclable and biodegradable. This means when recycling the cardboard from your online orders, you dont need to worry about taking the tape off your box to do so.


Sticker Mule Tape


Here are a few of the other things we do that we feel means a lot:


  • Since 2015 we've got our entire power needs using 100% renewable energy.


  • We don't print receipts in our stores by default (thermal paper can't be recycled).


  • We encourage our staff to cycle to work.


  • We raise complaints with suppliers who they send us our materials using non-recyclable packaging.


  • We even use an Electric car to make smaller deliveries to our shops. 


  • We share our excess cardboard with the Skye community.


  • We even use an electric car for small and local deliveries. 



We know that most people actively want change and we are proud to be a company that does our best in contributing towards this.



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