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Walk with us through our Visitor Centre to follow a Skye candle’s journey

We decided to walk you through our Visitor Centre in Portree, on the Isle of Skye, in a different way. There's quite a lot going on in the VC at any given moment, so we’ll try to break it down into a few parts. Today, we will focus on the journey of a candle.

There are also various office stations dotted all around, not to mention a restaurant, a cinema, a physio, and a yoga studio. You can read about some of these other amenities on our Visitor Centre page. For now, we will focus on the best Candle Shop in Scotland and the behind-the-scenes.
We celebrated two years in our ‘headquarters’ in Portree just a few weeks ago. We've put a lot of work and effort into shaping the Visitor Centre into what it is. The move was gradual, but it is safe to say we have settled in.
The shop is the first space you see as you walk in. You are instantly welcomed with a beautiful blend of all our fragrances and displays of not just our candles and reed diffusers but also a myriad of hand-picked independent makers and designers, creating unique home accessories, gifts, apparel, and more.
Candle Shop Scotland
However, the shop is just the cherry on top. A lot of the magic happens behind the door in the corner, which is where you can find our workshop. All of our products are hand-poured here, Monday to Friday, under the keen supervision of our Chief Candlemaker, Jordan. Scottish Candles, true to their name, are handmade in Scotland.
Chief candlemaker
The chief candlemaker himself. 
When the wax sets, the stickers are put on, and the lids and boxes are closed, the candles make their way to the back of the workshop. A quick layover before being dispatched to our stockists, our online customers, or packed into the van to continue their journey to our five other locations.
Lee and Nuala
Lee and Nuala.
Lee, often with the beautiful Nuala, then makes sure your shelves are stocked in our Glasgow Candle shop, as well as in Edinburgh, St Andrews, Inverness, and the original - Broadford shop. From here, you—our lovely customer—take over the journey.
There is a lot more ground to cover, so we will be back with part two and hopefully a video tour on our social media. Keep your eyes peeled!


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