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There’s no place like home...

It doesn’t take a detective to notice that Skye, our beautiful island, is what makes us who we are. It's where we started, where the products are and always will be made and it is our main source of inspiration.

The place

Firstly, no other place on Earth pars with Skye for the amount of scenic views. Literally every direction you look you'll always see an Insta perfect scene, which we definitely testify to on our page .The majestic Old Man of Storr even made its way to our logo, have you ever noticed?

Skye really is what differentiates us from everyone else. And although we wouldn’t trade the views for anything in the world, the list goes far further than the idylic sceneries.

The people

People and the community can truly make a place special. And anyone who’s ever been to the Highlands of Scotland will 100% agree. There’s a special connection and pride in calling the Hebrides our home. And this transfers into everything we do! It's also why it's an incredible shame that many young talented people are forced to leave home due to lack of opportunities. Trying to change this has always been a major drive for us to grow.
Every one of our candles is handmade from start to finish which is labour intensive. However, this means that we can provide fun jobs in places where they are really needed. Talk about a great silver lining!

The products

We want the world to know that we are capable of producing wonderful top class quality products. The sort of products we as locals want to have at home but also export with pride. At the Isle of Skye Candle Company we use the best quality natural wax and oils, yet keep our products at a great price. Additionally, hand-crafting the products in a place not necessarily known for candle making and as gorgeous as Skye, adds to our products extra value. We know that this unique combination makes us truly stand out. We are dedicated to keep the good thing going and do Skye proud!


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