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The shop that packs more than you’d think - Inverness

In the series of posts focusing on the wonderful uniqueness of our shops, today, we will be directing the spotlight to the unsung hero – Inverness. Sitting proud yet unassuming on the High Street, this shop packs more than it seems at a glance, pun intended…
Inverness, as a city, is sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Highlands. But for thousands of Skye Candles, Inverness is actually the gateway to the rest of the world, as it is the place where all of our online orders get shipped from.
The shop floor square footage is on par with our shop in Glasgow, giving our customers plenty of space to browse our collections, as well as the stunning products from the ranges of our wonderful independent suppliers, who have been carefully selected to enhance the shopping experience, matching our company ethos as well as the aesthetic.
But there is some extra magic happening behind the ‘staff only’ door in Inverness. There are a couple more storeys behind that door, which has made this the perfect location to create a small warehouse and packing hub for our business.
Actually…This may make the set up sound a bit colder and bleaker than it actually is, so let us set the record straight. By warehouse we don’t mean endless alleys of pallets and pallets of beige cardboard boxes, we mean shelves stacked with our bright colourful products, with that lingering smell of all our fragrances combined, that welcomes you as you enter any of our shops. And packing hub in our case doesn’t mean miles of plastic tape and rolls of bubble wrap, rather a healthy supply of recyclable, plastic free packaging, to wrap up the orders, and tape designed by none other than our talented graphic designer Caitlin.
But most importantly, the packages are packed by hand. People make the place, and it could not be more true about our Inverness team. The lovely staff, that packs every package with its due care and then some, writes the handwritten notes for gifts and answers the customer queries. This location played a crucial part in our business, particularly at the time when none of our stores were allowed to be open. It’s the last stop for the products before they make their way to their final home, all around the world. So, we wanted to pull the curtain a little, to show our appreciation.
And it’s not just us, our lovely customers who get the chance to interact with the team directly notice too.
"Moran Taing Samantha! Great personal service ,message and packaging for an online birthday candle not available for collection from a local shop. Skye Candles never disappoint!" said Murray, one of many, many happy customers. 


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