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The Island Connections

A big part of Skye Candles identity is our profound connection the Skye and the Hebrides. As well as trying to spread the word about the magic of our island to the world, we also try to give back to the community and among other things, to collaborate with other Highland businesses. 


A wee while back we’ve teamed up with the Isle of Harris Distillery and became a proud Click and Collect Dispensary for the exceptionally tasty Isle of Harris Gin. In order to create and preserve the local jobs, a purpose that we are on board with, the Harris Distillery has decided to make the goodies available to purchase directly from the source only. If you are not going past the Isle of Harris any time soon, you can order from their website and get the gin shipped to your doorstep, or better yet collect it from our stores amongst other places. 
And since the seasons of giving is upon us, you will getting a £5 Skye Candles voucher to spend in our stores when you are picking up those iconic bottles. So that’s another small encouragement to shop Scottish this Christmas. 


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