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Skippy says “G’d Day, mate!”

Have you spotted this fluffy face, in one of our stores? Meet Skippy, the charitable kangaroo. He has joined the #skyecandles clan at the end of January. 


It has been incredibly difficult to see and hear about the Australian fires from the overwhelming amount of news report recently. The impacts seem unimaginable, stretching far beyond the enormous losses of human and animal lives to long term environmental costs, pollution, economical costs, public health cost, the list goes on and on... Being left in awe and disbelief of the devastating Bushfire crisis, we’ve teamed up with Glasgow the Caring city and pledged to donate 100% of the proceedings and donations for Skippy in our stores, to try and help any way we can. 
At Skye Candles, we are committed to give back to the community as much as we can. And we’ve been met with a great deal of support in return.  
“From this little Aussie sitting in a sweltering, smokey Canberra, thank you @skyecandles and all your customers who buy little Skippy or who have made a donation in other ways.”
It is a special kind of rewarding feeling - seeing the positivity we get from being a part of a cause. Looking back through our records, we were delighted to see that last year, we on average donated a candle toward a charitable purpose every other day and a dedicated to continue with the trend in 2020 as well as actively participate in the collaboration with Woodland Trust toward the restoration of forests in Loch Arkaig. 


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