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Saying goodbye to our Diffuser Refills

We try to do our part when it comes to keeping our planet healthy. This is why we decided to launch the Reed Diffuser Refills, back in April 2016. It seemed like a good, lighter in packaging alternative to buying the full diffuser every 10 weeks, but it turned out it wasn’t working as well as we’d hoped.
We appreciate everyone who’s opted in for this option. We know that for some this  had worked well, which is why they were a part of our range for nearly 4 years. However, we also got a significant amount of comments suggesting that the diffusion in the second cycle was not as good as the first-time round, as the reeds became oversaturated and clogged.

 We chose to listen to the feedback and made the decision to discontinue this range. It is essential to us to be sure that when you buy any of our products, you are getting the best possible quality and that you make the most out of the product you’d purchased

With all this being said, we would encourage everyone to take advantage of our recycling scheme instead. If you bring your empty diffuser bottles to one of our stores, you’ll get a £2 discount (10% of the original Reed Diffuser value) on your next purchase, for every bottle that bring back. This discount is on top of our loyalty program and can be combined with our promotional offers too. So if you time your top up visit well, it might end up lighter on your pocket than the refills. We’ll still be reducing the overall waste, as we take your empty containers from our stores back to the workshop, where they get refilled and used again.


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