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Saving Loch Arkaig Forest

Wanting to take care of the environment is something which is very important to us at Skye Candles. We believe in preservation and conservation for the planet we live on, as well as restoring what may have already been mistreated.

Since developing a new fragrance 3 years ago that’s made out of natural Scots Pine oil, Skye Candles have been and will continue to donate £1 for every sale of the natural candle to the restoration of Loch Arkaig Forest in the Scottish Highlands. Growing up in the Isle of Skye gave our founder, James, a natural love for the outdoors and the environment. Because of this, supporting the Woodland Trust’s efforts towards saving the forest was an easy decision.

Over the past few centuries, the landscape of loch Arkaig Forest has been badly impacted by the felling of native trees, planting of non-native species and too much grazing by farmed animals. Thanks to the restoration project, the forest is starting to brim with wildlife again; red deer run through the Pine trees once more and majestic Ospreys swoop over the dark loch.
In the past 100 years, the country has been working hard to restore Scotland’s forests, with the country’s forest cover increasing from 5% to a wonderful 18.5%. Skye Candles are so happy with this progress but there’s still work to be done.

In the next 100 years it’s hoped that we can improve the resilience of Scotland’s woodlands and increase what they can offer to a healthy environment.

Happy World Environment Day!


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