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Return & Reward - Return your Empty Candle Containers

Here at Isle of Skye Candle Company, we aren't only driven by our love and appreciation for nature, but also our passion to protect it.  Back in 2006 when our founder James first started making candles, his driving force wasn't only to create a product that was better for the customer, he also wanted to create a product that was better for the planet. Thus, our Return & Reward scheme was born.

For customers who live locally to our stores, we offer a recycling reward for all of our products. When you get to the end of your candle and diffuser products, you can return them to us. You’ll receive 50 loyalty points, 10% discount equivalent, for every container returned. We’ll then have the containers cleaned, safety checked and returned to our workshop on Skye. They are then simply reused in the next batch of candles and reed diffusers we create.   

This helps reduce our carbon footprint by a significant amount and if you don’t have a way to repurpose them at home, it stops the containers from going to waste. If the containers you return are damaged or not up to standard, we make sure they are recycled or disposed of responsibly.
We, unfortunately, have not got this scheme set up to work outwith our stores. However, with shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, St Andrews, Broadford and now Portree, we hope our paths will cross at some stage. So don't forget to save up your empties for when they do and reap the benefits of the money you’ll save by returning them. 


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