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Reintroducing - Hanging Air Fresheners

After two and a half years of them being off the shelves, our hanging air fresheners make their long awaited return.


The reason they were on hold for so long? Trying to find the perfect plastic free packaging. 


We understand this has caused some frustration for some customers who have been waiting for over two years to take Skye Candles on the road again. However, we are too committed to being an environmentally conscious company whilst also delivering the best quality product to have made any compromises in the name of speeding up this process. 


The trickiest part was finding a packaging that the oils from the air fresheners wouldn’t transfer onto. We also tried a lot of products to see which one would retain the fragrance most effectively. We’ve ended up settling on a casing made of compostable potato starch on recyclable card.

In the time that we stopped selling our car freshness due to the packaging, we also took some time to evaluate the functionality of the actual product. We have narrowed this range down to eight fragrances, based on the oils that were the most effective for this particular fragrance carrier.


Our air fresheners come in Bohemian Rose, Ginger & Nutmeg, Grapefruit and Neroli, Juniper, Oriental Lily, Pimento & Cranberries, Sandalwood & Patchouli, and Vanilla & Fig.


We are so pleased the wait is over and we can’t wait to see the places you go with our air fresheners. Tag us in your #SkyeCandlesRoadtrip and we’ll choose one person each month to get their next one for free.



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