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We're Doing Black Friday a Little Different

Black Friday is flash sale that originated in the US the day after thanksgiving and has made its way to Europe to become a consistent trend in the shopping habits of many customers. Be it to simply get their favourite products at a heavily discounted rate or to get started on their Christmas shopping early with some special offers. We have been part taking in the “tradition” for a few years, but this year we decided to change things up a little.
We will open this with a disclaimer for the keen bargain hunters – we are holding a fabulous 30% of ALL Large Tumblers deal.
However, we have decided to extend the offer to the entire month of November.
Every year, the Black Friday weekend marks the start of a rush period that takes its toll on our staff, both at the workshop on the Isle of Skye and in our Inverness store, where all our online orders get packed. We are extremely grateful for every single purchase! However, the sudden rush usually results in multiple products or even entire product lines running out of stock. It also sometimes means parcels being delayed both due to our packing team being overrun with orders and the shipping channels being even busier than usual.  This is definitely not ideal for the customers who purchased them or wanted to buy them but couldn’t.  And while we can’t change everything about this annual madness, we can do our part in not manufacturing the pressure of a flash sale and try avoid some of these issues that arise.
Over the month of November, the duration of our “more than Black Friday offer”, we will try and showcase to our followers the journey each product embarks on, to better explain why there is no point in rushing things. From the creation process in the workshop, the van deliveries of our products from Skye to the mainland shops to the packing and shipping process our online orders go through before they land in their final destination. Even though we have grown and expanded our business over the years, we are still an independent company with actual people putting their best effort into each stage of the process. And some aspects of if simply can’t and shouldn’t be rushed.
As James said in our last video  “taking things slow is at the heart of island life and with our products, it’s the same thing. We don’t rush them, we take care of making every single one of them” We also take pride in our excellent customer service including processing orders readily as they come in, so we’ve came to a conclusion that taking Black Friday a little bit slower this time, and giving you and ourselves the whole month rather than a weekend is far more authentic to who we are than the mainstream flash sale trend.


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