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Let Relaxation Come Naturally

With restrictions lifting and our day to day lives speeding back up, we are going to do our very best to remember that it is still absolutely okay and essential, to set aside time to relax. We have had so much more time to do so in the last little while, and we certainly feel the benefit from it. 


Here are some of our favourite scents to relax to and helps keep your self care routine going strong:


Sleep sensation

This is our go-to when it comes to relaxation. Although the name of the scent is pretty clear that the candle is a perfect accompaniment for chill out time, you may be unsure as to what the fragrance is made up of. It brings together the therapeutic properties from the essential oils lavender, tea tree and grapefruit to create a unique fragrance, giving you that spa experience at home. We recommend having this fragrance as a reed diffuser in your bedroom, to create an ever lasting calming environment where you need it most.

Sleep Sensation Relaxation


Chamomile and Cedar

The unique properties of chamomile have been linked to relaxation and reducing anxiety for centuries. A cup of chamomile tea to wind down after a long day is a no brainer. Why not also fill your home with it's indulgent fragrance. This is our newest scent and we’re hearing wonderful reviews from our customers so far. Relaxation never felt this luxurious. 



A timeless classic when it comes to easing stress and anxiety. The word “lavender” comes from the Latin word, "lavare", which means "to wash”. Wash away the stress of the day with our pure and untouched lavender fragrance. Additionally, if your household has a pet, there are also links with lavender fragrance being great for helping your four legged friend wind down. 


Lavender Relaxation


We hope our natural fragrance can help you continue and prioritise down time and all the while have your home smelling truly amazing.




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