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It’s time to put the dancing shoes on!

Well, maybe just to brush them off a little and wait to put them on until this Friday. Why? We are ecstatic to be hosting a launch ceilidh with the Cast Ewe Ceilidh Band on the 6th of October for Isle of  Harris Distillery releasing their first single malt, giving you a chance to get your hands on the limited first release of the Hearach.

We have been fans of the Isle of Harris Distillery for quite some time. Besides sharing a commitment for supporting the island community, the attention to detail they put into their creations from start to finish is truly something to be admired, Their iconic gin bottle design is second to none.
So it does not come as a surprise, that the distillery’s first whisky release is something to be celebrated and remembered. From day one, when The Hearach’s first drops reached the first tasters on the Isle of Harris. Our social media manager, Caroline, took the trip and queued in the line for about 3 hours, but as she said, “it was worth every second of it.”  With a band playing music to entertain and drams being offered to warm up, it must have been one of the nicest lines to wait in.
If you’re thinking, that it sounds nice but you don’t know enough about whisky to truly appreciate it, make sure to visit the Harris Distillery website. The story of The Hearach has been beautifully documented and it breaks down the process of distilling and the components of the whisky in a very interesting and digestible way. And if you are an enthusiast, it must be on your list already!
So here are some bad news, good news and great news. Unfortunately, The First Release is currently sold out online. Unsurprisingly, this happened within hours of the launch. However, as of today, the whisky will be available for purchase via the network of Isle of Harris Distillery stockists. And even better news is, we still have tickets available for the event this Friday at our visitor centre, not only giving you a chance to come in for a taste and a wee twirl, but also to buy a ticket with a bottle.
Visit to find out more and to book!



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