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Introducing, Chamomile and Cedar!

Spring is a time for new and exciting things. As you may know, we’re pretty in touch with nature, so love to be part of this. Last year, we marked the season with the launch of a new floral fragrance for our Scottish Collection, Machair Flowers. This year, we’re pleased to be doing the same, but this time bringing you something new for our Signature Range. The new, luxurious scent that is Chamomile and Cedar.
The soft, floral top notes of soothing chamomile, lily, bergamot, and lavender are combined with a deep, complex base of cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, and tonka to create a rich and luxurious scent.
 Chamomile & Cedar
With Isle of Skye Candle Co. approaching 15 years, this scent is once again testament to our founder, James’s skill, experience, and expertise when it comes to creating high quality fragrance. Just like our other candles, it’s made with Soya wax, a high quality linen wick and natural fragrance that’s sure to make your house smell like a home.
We’re really excited about the launch of this fragrance. Just like the rest, it’s one we’re truly proud of when it is packaged up and leaves our workshop here on Skye and makes its way to your home. Launching this scent also means we can start to really focus on our next project. We’re not saying it’s any small task creating a new fragrance, however this next step, well it’s a rather huge one for Skye Candles and we can’t wait to bring you along with us.
The new fragrance is available online and will be hitting our shelves for when our shops can reopen.


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