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Getting the Most Out of Reed Diffusers

Our reed diffusers are the perfect way to effortlessly add constant fragrance to your home for over 10 weeks. And as an added bonus, just like our candles, they are made using sustainable, environmentally friendly soya based ingredients.


Reed diffusers tend to work best in warm rooms with good airflow as the heat encourages evaporation of the oil and good airflow helps to dry the reeds and fill the air with scent. This isn't to say they won't work elsewhere but is something to bear in mind if you're finding it giving off a weak scent.


It’s also worthwhile to note, with heat and humidity encouraging evaporation, reed diffusers placed in a bathroom where a shower is frequently used may see the oil run out faster than a room that doesn’t experience that level of humidity.


The diffusers tend to start throwing their fragrance about an hour after you place the reeds in the oil. This can certainly vary, depending on which fragrance you are using. Some of the oils that are used in each scent are lighter than others and will diffuse into the air quicker.


If you have guests over and want a quick release of fragrance you can always flip the reeds over. This will give an instant burst of fragrance with the oil not relying on being driven up through the reeds by diffusion alone. You can do this daily if you wish for a regular boost of fragrance. If you have a particularly cold home this could help with increasing your fragrance release. Do be careful though, as your hands will get very oily after touching the reeds, even the side that wasn’t submerged in the oil.


Be sure to keep the oil out of contact with any surfaces, as if left for a while, like any fragrances products they can cause them to stain. They are also flammable, so do keep them away from children and pets.


Unfortunately, we discontinued our reed diffuser refills as we found customers were not getting the desired effect the second time around with the reeds being more saturated and not releasing the fragrance as well. Our reed differs are however included in our recycling scheme where you can return your empty bottles to any of our stores. You will receive 10% of the original value of that product back in store credit and you will help us reduce our carbon footprint while you’re at it.


If you don’t live near any of our stores, we’ve seen a lot of really cool ways that our reed diffuser containers have been repurposed over the years. From propagating plants to painting them and using them as a dinner candle holder. Or, you could just save them up for that road trip to the Isle of Skye that you’ve been longing to do and come see us in our store in Broadford.


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