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Experience whisky in a new light

We are beyond excited to have announced the arrival of our newest Scottish Collection fragrance - Island Whisky. A wonderfully warm and cosy, aroma perfectly matching a lounge in a comfortable chair, watching winter unravel from behind a closed window. 
Few things are as closely associated with our culture and heritage as whisky; making it a fantastic new addition to our Scottish Collection. The fragrance itself combines the sweetness of aged casks with a subtle touch of peated barley to create a fragrance reminiscent of the finest Scottish drams. Base notes of oak, musk and vanilla lead to mid notes of spicy cinnamon and culminate with a light, fruity touch.
Uisge Beatha’ the Gaelic name for whisky, literally translates as water of life. it's more than a drink; it's a living testament to the Scottish way of life. It appriciates quality ingredients, unique to the place of their origins as well as embraces the slow process maturing in the oak casks for years. Virtually the embodiment of ‘good things are worth waiting for’. 
With our new fragrance, we tried to encapsulate the atmosphere of the whisky-drinking ritual as much as to translate the flavour notes of a single malt into scent notes. And if can humbly say so ourselves, we succeeded. 
The soft amber glow of a candle light is the perfect match to the golden drink swirling in a tumbler. Whether you choose to pour yourself a dram with it or not, Island Whisky will leave lasting impression, helping you unwind and relax - slàinte math!
Available online now, coming to our stores on Saturday the 9th of December.


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