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colsie (kol-zee) / origin: Old Scots for ‘cosy’

1.  The habit of embracing winter darkness and finding comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures
2.  The feeling that comes with being present, inviting closeness, and appreciating the things that last
3.  The act of slow living and making time for the people and things that soothe our souls
Similar to the Danish ‘Hygge’, colsie is about slowing down and taking the time to appreciate the things that bring you joy. For you that might be taking a steaming hot bath surrounded by  aromatherapy candles or curling up with a good book under a warm blanket. Whatever colsie means to you, make sure you take a moment to breathe and relax. In the face of endless to-do lists, unhung laundry and the inevitable disarray of modern life, choose peace over pressure.
One company which swears by colsie is  The Tartan Blanket Company. Their  Scottish Tartan Blankets are traditionally made of wool or cashmere which means they are all natural and fully sustainable which, in today's world of fast fashion and disposable products is an extremely important thing for all companies to focus on. 
The team at Tartan Blanket Co. believe that colsie doesn't have to involve spending lots of money, if any at all, and isn't something that is necessarily planned. For example, while a lavish beach vacation might make us very happy, it's not really colsie. Instead, colsie is about mindfully taking the time to enjoy the things and the people that matter most to us, especially during the colder months when many of us feel tired or isolated.

Want to have your own colsie night? Here are some tips:

 Cosy up around a campfire with your loved ones, make sure there is plenty of hot chocolate and marshmallows to go around.

 Take the time to soak in a luxurious bath filled with bubble bath and accompanied by a nice scented candle 

 We know you probably keep buying more books with the intention to read them eventually, but tonight curl up with a book that’s been on your ‘to read’ list for ages. Wear your fluffiest PJs and socks and unwind with the turn of each page.

 Bake a cake, try one you haven’t baked before. Blueberry, beer or battenberg, whatever you love to eat or drink, find a cake that you’ll find joy in
 Create a colsie corner in your home. Fill a nook by the window with candles,  blankets , comfy pillows, fairy lights - anything you need to feel warm and content. Or even better, create a blanket fort!



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