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Celebrating Palentine’s Day with Harbour Lane

With Valentine's Day round the corner, love is in the air! And if there’s one thing we miss, it’s spending time with our lovely pals. So, we’ve teamed up with a pal of Skye Candles, Harbour Lane for a giveaway of fantastic prizes for you and your pal!
This year we decided to extent the joy of Valentine’s Day dedicated to the significant others, even beyond Galentine’s Day, because it’s not just the gals who love beautiful candles, which brought us to Palentine’s Day.
So let us introduce you our pal, Harbour Lane who’s kindly provided 2 beautiful prints, for the lucky giveaway winner and their pal.
Nestled in South Queensferry with the post card worthy view of the Forth Bridge is a cute wee studio/gallery – Harbour Lane, run by illustrator, Tori Gray. Sharing the same vision and values we do, showcasing truly the best Scottish Independent artist have to offer, Harbour Lane and Skye Candles were a match made in heaven! If you’ve been to our Broadford shop you could have spotted Tori’s beautiful pieces already. But if not, make sure to check out and follow her page, if not for the art then for the amazing photos of Munro, the dog!

“Across the moonlit heather, my lassie calls as I roam, 'tis soon we'll be together in that heaven we call home” 

This beautiful quote on a stunning print by Harbour Lane Home is part of the prize you and your pal can win, one for each of you. We are IN LOVE with the lyric, so we decided to complete the prizes with a couple of products from our collections, but these will be completely your choice. Your heaven, your call!
To find out how to enter our giveaway, head over to our Instagram and follow the instructions in the caption!
Best of luck and happy Palentine’s Day! 


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