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Celebrating 15 Years of Skye Candles


James Robertson started the Isle of Skye Candle Company in 2006 aged just 19. He had just moved back to his family croft in the township of Gead an t-Sailleir on the east side of Skye and was looking for a way to make a living so he could stay on the island he loves so much.



The idea for creating a candle company came to him when he was working for a local soap shop and discovered that there was no one making natural fragranced candles in the UK. At the time, the only options for scented candles seemed to be ones made from paraffin. This didn't sit right with James as it didn't make sense why anyone would buy something that wasn't natural with no obvious benefits if there was a natural alternative. With this in mind, he set out to create his own candles to try and make a product that would be good enough to get people to ditch the paraffin candles and use the healthier natural alternative.



It took a lot of years, research and development with different natural waxes and oil variations before he arrived at a place where he knew he had something special that people would love. To this day, we use the same mixes in our candles and even though we have expanded quite a bit since 2006, our company ethos and mission has remained the same; to create great products using the best quality natural ingredients whilst creating employment opportunities on the Isle of Skye.


Since James began doing business on the Isle of Skye, he has created more than 20 full-time jobs based on the island and even more across the country. Without the support of all our amazing customers through the years, this would never be possible, and we hope that we can keep making great products to keep our customers coming back.



To celebrate those 15 years, we are running a “Birthday Bonus”. With every online and in-store purchase made this month, you will be added to a prize draw. Each Friday in May, we will select a lucky winner to receive a whopping £100 worth of Skye Candles products! There's no better time to treat yourself to that candle you've been meaning to replace, or finally buy that scents you've been dying to try.


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