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Candle Myths : BUSTED!

In 2019 the internet is flooded with false claims and statements just about anything, what you read on the internet is not always correct. While browsing different sites to see peoples’ opinions on scented candles, we were surprised to witness quite a bit of confusion around them. So, here we are to separate facts from fiction so that the next time you wish to buy some scented candles you have a reputable source helping you make the best decision for you.
Myth #1 : Freezing a candle makes it last longer
There are a lot of rumours that say freezing a candle before lighting it will make it last longer. However, though it may initially burn slower than a room temperature candle, this effect will not last long as the candle returns to room temperature.

Additionally, freezing candle wax can make it crack and could damage the candle. Not to mention it might start to smell of the fish you forgot was at the back of the freezer.

So, whatever few extra minutes you might gain from freezing your candle, it's probably not worth it.
Myth #2 : Pillar candles can be made with pure soy wax
There are numerous different candle types including pillars, tins, jars, votives, and tealights, but not one type of wax works for every type of candle. Wax blends are picked according to the fragrance and type of candle.

Pure Soy Wax has a very low melting point, it is pretty sticky and soft. If we were to try and make pillar candles out of soy wax it unfortunately wouldn’t work due to it burning too soft. When Skye Candles first began we did try using soy wax to make pillar candles but quickly discovered that soy wax works best in jars and tins where it can give the longest burn time possible.
Myth #3 : All scented candles are aromatherapy candles
Even though candles smell amazing, not all of them qualify in the category of aromatherapy candles. When it comes to aromatherapy candles, the fragrances that are chosen are more relaxing and usually have healing benefits. If you’re looking for aromatherapy candles in particular then have a little look at this blog post here, it will help you with everything you need. 
Myth #4 : Candles are meant to produce soot when burning

Some candles do tend to smoke, however those candles are the type you should try and avoid. Stick with candle wicks that are made out of linen to significantly reduce the amount of soot released.
If it is smoking, maybe it's been hanging out with the wrong crowd and you want to stage an intervention... More likely, though, the wick is too long. Put the flame out, wait for the wick to cool and trim it to about a quarter of an inch (about 6mm) in length.


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