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Beautiful fragrances for you! (not just your home)

As big fans of all things beautifully scented, we like to offer our customers products for their bodies as well as their homes. But it’s important to know one’s own limitations, so we decided not to meddle with the skin care products ourselves, and instead support the makers who has made it their craft to master. And master they did!

Lusan Botanicals
Beautiful soaps handmade in the Scottish Highlands. Not only do Lusan Botanicals Soaps look and smell divine, they’re made of a more natural and less chemically modified than their mass-produced alternatives and packed plastic-free. Between these wonderful features, Gealic influenced branding and stunning packaging design, we couldn’t ask for a nice soap collection to offer to our customers!
Release your inner Islander fisherman with The Isle of Skye Seaweed Company. They produce a range of natural seaweed skincare products in-house on our beautiful island using wild seaweed, sustainably hand cut using an approved and licensed method, from the exposed and dramatic coastline of Skye. The range we offer is focused mostly on the facial care – lip balms, and beard grooming products.
From the edge of the world, and yet not too far from our new Visitor Centre, the Isle of Skye Soap Company was founded in over 20 years ago! Their aim - to provide hand crafted aromatherapy soap, without colouring and using only the purest essential oils. They truly are the masters of mixing scents into the most spectacular blends. They have taught our founder James all about it before he started his candle making journey, using all he learned to create the Isle of Skye Candle Company fragrances.
Highland Soap Co.
Adding to our selection of soaps comes in the Highland Soap Company. These natural skin care products are handmade in the workshop located by the foot of Ben Nevis, in one of the most stunning parts of the Scottish Highlands. Even though ‘soap’ is in their company name, the collection far exceeds this. It includes body lotions, hand creams, bubble baths, hand washes, hand sanitisers and more!
Visit any of our stores to browse the skin care products in person, or check out our ‘skin care’ section online to browse some of the ranges we spoke about.


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