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A few more Father's Day gift ideas

We haven’t done a formal research on the topic, but I think most of us would agree that Dads are arguably one the most difficult people to buy a present for. So we decided to supplement our scent recommendations from the workshop crew with a few extra ideas.
As always, we were inspired by our island and we are giving a shoutout to the great companies around us; some of whom you can find in our stores or online. However, if you choose to only use this post as an inspiration and find alternatives closer your home, it’s still a win. As long as the dads feel appreciated and seen, it’s all good. It is their day after all! 
With the sun on the horizon and the heatwave in the weather forecast, a breezy short sleeve tee might just hit the right spot. You can never go wrong with a quality white T-shirt; ours are made with 100% cotton jersey and feature the iconic Sligachan Bridge on the back. 
If you're unsure about adding to his wardrobe, but know that your pops enjoys coffee and beer, why not get him the best of the two beverages. Our friends at the Cuillin Brewery came up with this unique stout. Your dad might not be reaching for this himself, but trust us, he'll be delighted to try it! So, so tasty.*
*Please note that you have to be over the age of 18 to purchase this. 
Spice up your dad's skin care routine with these compact solutions for their facial hair. The mix of sustainably foraged sea weed, shea butter, black pepper and vanilla is the sort of premium treatment your dad deserves and potentially needs to keep the tash neat!
A trip to the cinema!
Sometimes, spending quaility time together is the best present! And as we were talking about magnificent facial hair and neat moustaches, we immediately remembered the new Top Gun movie is out now! If you happen to be on Skye this weekend, you can watch it in LAS Port Righ, a part of our new Isle of Skye Candle Co. Visitor Centre. Obviously, in other cinamas too, but we thought it was worth mentioning, as the reviews for the movie are great, and we are very excited about our Aros project. 


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