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5 reasons to use soya wax candles

There are many reasons why we’d recommend burning soya wax candles. But we decided to list 5 big, and more importantly unbiased ones, here.

These are the main reasons why we make Skye Candles the way we do...

1. Soya wax burns much cleaner than paraffin wax, meaning there is a lot less soot to pollute your home with. This is not only good news for your walls but also for your body. Basically, less soot in the air means cleaner walls and cleaner lungs!

2. It burns at a lower temperature, which is actually more preferable for fragranced candles. Rather than burning the essential oils off, the wax is evenly melted and the oils are naturally diffused into the space.

3.Soy wax candles last a lot longer than paraffin or bees wax candles. This is directly related to the lower burning temperature. If you burn your soy candle right, you can make it last nearly twice as long as a traditional paraffin candle of the same size
4. Soya wax is much better for the environment! Aside from the fact that it does not pollute the air when burning, it is also completely sustainable. There is no harm done to our planet as soya wax is plant based rather than extracted from oil. Once the soya has been harvested more can be grown again and again.

5. It is vegan friendly. There are two biggest alternatives to paraffin wax, bees wax and soy wax. Whilst there is a lot of discussion out there whether beeswax is actually vegan friendly, soya wax is 100% plant based, no discussion.


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