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4 Autumn Aromas

Okay, we know it’s not officially autumn until the 22nd of September. However, the crisper mornings and the leaves on the ground are making us feel otherwise. So if anything, it definitely feels like we’re saying goodbye to Summer. 

We’ve had an incredible summer embracing the sunshine and making the most of the extra hours in the day. While a lot of people are sad to reach the end of summer, as a candle company, we very much look forward to the winter months. 

Here’s our recommended fragrances as we transition into autumn. We reckon these four will make the perfect accompaniment for when the days are generally still lovely and sunny but the nights start to get that little bit colder.

Wooden Heart

A scent true to its name. Our Wooden Heart scent has cedarwood at its core and is blended with tea tree, mandarin and finished off with a dash of orange. It’ll give you that uplifting outdoor experience from the comfort of your own home.


Scots Pine

This time of year lends itself very well to earthy fragrance. Our Scots Pine is a fresh and woody scent with a heart of pine, bog myrtle and rosemary.  The base is soft and comforting while top notes of peppermint, orange and patchouli.

The combination of the woody scent of the evergreens with the herbal notes of bog myrtle and rosemary creates a soft and warm aroma. This combined with the flicker of a candle light is an immediate boost of cosiness.

Frankincense and Myrrh

This fragrance is both traditional and unique. Don’t let the Christmas connotations fool you, this is a wonderful scent all year round. Thanks to the richness of the oils and their popularity in the perfume industry, this sophisticated mix of musky and spicy is often compared to the smell of an elegant cologne. 

Ginger and Nutmeg

The perfect crisp and fresh scent to match the crisp and fresh days. The spices work together flawlessly to create a light aroma, elevated by a hint of citrus, to create an immediate sense of cleanliness and freshness.


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