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3 Ways to Help you Choose the Right Scent

While we love coming up with new scents and giving our customers a wide variety to choose from, we know that choosing which scents to purchase, especially when they all smell this divine, can be a little difficult. Scent preferences are also very subjective, quite personal, so choosing for someone else, as a present for example, can also be a challenge.

And lastly, the most obvious one for shopping online, not being able to actually smell the candles and reed diffusers, is a bit of an additional obstacle.
Luckily, thanks to being in the market for 15 years and doing what we love, talking to our customers, we’ve learned that there are a few clues that can lead you down the right path, when you just can’t decide.
The golden rule, and a good starting point, is to narrow down the initial choice to two or three favourites. From that you can far more easily picked the final one or decide to try them all. But how to get there? There is a route to take and we’ve mapped it for you!
  1. Are you buying for yourself?
If the answer the answer is yes, this gets a little bit easier. Even though you might not know our range, you know what scents you like. You might need to pause and think about it a second, but you know. This will make your decision easier. If we don’t have the precise fragrance you love, there are scent notes that define it and can help you pick a great alternative. Do you like sweet scents or spicy ones, floral, or fresh? We have a handful of choices for each of the options.  This that puts us one step closer to the finish line.
If you're not quite there yet, you can follow the season of the year. For example, if sweet and fruity scents are your jam (excuse the pun), but you can’t decide between our lovely Pimento & Cranberries or Mango, given that it’s August, we’d recommend the Mango. It is the right sweet note, but given that it’s summer, it is a little bit fresher, a little bit lighter so it just might hit the spot a wee bit better.
  1. If you’re buying for someone else, it gets a little bit trickier, but fear not, we have a way!
If you know the recipient's scent preferences quite well, repeat step one. Maybe with a special focus on our Scottish Collection if the gift is a memento of your time in Scotland. The collection covers the main scent groups just as well and at the same time it is uniquely specific to our beautiful surroundings.
If you aren’t too sure however, you might want to opt for one of our milder, more neutral scents. So here are the three options for you to choose from.
Highland Gorse
The scent is a nice and mild combination of sweet, fresh, and earthy. The distinctive smell of gorse seem to leave an impression on everyone who walks past the yellow flowered bush. In fact, before we added Gorse to our range, it was one of the frequently requested fragrances. We listened, we delivered and we are confident in saying that the gorse would be a present almost everyone would be happy to receive.
Even though Juniper is not a part of our Scottish Collection, the scent is often associated with Scotland or Britain, thanks to its connection to gin. The scent itself is one of our more subtle options, fresh yet inoffensive, an ideal gift especially when paired with a nice bottle of small batch craft gin (over 18s only of course). 
Sleep Sensation
This is one of our most popular scents! We have covered its relaxing impact before. The blend of grapefruit, tea tree and lavender combines fresh, herbal and floral notes wonderfully, creating a scent pleasing to most. And also, when was the last time you’ve heard someone saying they’ve slept too well?
  1. Our little cheat sheet
If after all this, you are still uncertain what the right smell might be, you can also rely on your other senses. Our labels and colour schemes were specifically chosen to match the atmosphere of the scent. So when in doubt, you can try to colour match the candle design to the space it will go into, and should be a fit.
Let us know if you followed our suggestions, if they worked as you had hoped and whether you have your own ways to help you pick.


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