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14 Years Young

14 Years Young

James Robertson

Founder @ Isle Of Skye Candle Co

 This weekend we are proud to be celebrating 14 years of the Isle of Skye Candle Co.  

We started back in 2006 with the vision of creating beautiful, high quality, natural, candles and we have come a long way from our humble beginnings back in our bothy in Braes. 

It was on the 23rd May 2006 that I decided the Isle of Skye Candle Company was going to be formed. On my Uncles Croft in Gead an t-Sailleir on the east side of the Island, myself, my cousin and my uncle set about renovating an old derelict bothy into the first Skye candles workshop. 



With different waxes and a collection of essential oils, I spent much of the early years trying to create scents that people would love and experimented with every sort of natural wax that I could get, trying to make the best candles around. It was through this process that I eventually decided on using Soya wax as it burnt cleanly and brightly. It is what we still use to this day and we still believe it makes the best candles out there. We hope you all agree! 

Initially I was just supplying candles to one store on the Island, but it wasn't long  before I was approached by others who were curious about these new natural candles. Although there are lots of people who are making natual candles now, we really were pioneers back then, championing the environmental impact that switching from harmful paraffin wax to natural wax could have without having to sacrifice any of the quality.  

The candles we make today look very different to the ones we made back then but still have the same heart; a great blend of Soya wax, a high-quality wick, natural fragrances and made by people who actually care. As we’ve grown over the years from a one-man band to over forty staff and six of our own retail outlets, we know how much we’ve been helped on the journey by our brilliant staff over the years and most importantly all of you who have bought candles from us!  

So as we celebrate our 14th year in business, we would like to sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to spend your hard earned money with us. We feel so lucky that we have such a great community of enthusiastic customers who, just like us, care about sustainability, the environment and are especially passionate about the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. 


We have some really exciting plans for the future in the pipeline, from new products to a big new project...  


Make sure to keep following our journey as we look to grow and continue to spread the word about natural, sustainable products. 


Mòran taing, 


James Robertson




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