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by Isle of Skye Candle Company

Wild Mountain Thyme Reed Diffuser

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Wild Mountain Thyme

A fragrance inspired by the wilderness of the Scottish mountains The fresh herbal blend of thyme and petitgrain with base notes of orange and rosemary are balanced out with galbanum and woody notes of pine.

Scent info:

This beautiful earthy aroma was made by blending several key ingredients, each carrying its own purpose to create a deeply relaxing atmosphere. The base of Thyme is known to be soothing, and to have almost grounding effect on the emotions, while rosemary is said to slow down elevated pulse rate and to strengthen memory. The orange and petitgrain ingredients, although distilled from the same citrusy botanical species, both have quite a different smell. Petitgrain originating from the leaves and the twigs of the tree, complements the herbal aspects of the mix while the orange oil adds an element of freshness to the blend.

Scottish Reed Diffusers

Fill your home with the unique scents of our Scottish Collection.  Effortlessly bringing scents inspired by the Scottish Highlands into your home day in, day out, our Reed Diffusers will last for approximately 10 weeks.

Bottle volume: 100ml

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