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Grapefruit & Neroli Large Tumbler
Grapefruit & Neroli Large Tumbler glass
Grapefruit & Neroli

Grapefruit and Neroli Large Tumbler

Isle of Skye Candle Company
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Grapefruit & Neroli

The soft, citrus notes of pink grapefruit have long been used to uplift and sooth tired minds. Neroli is carefully blended into the mix to add a floral undertone, creating a revitalizing and uplifting aroma.


Signature range

The starting point and the core of what Skye Candles has to offer, our Signature range consists of 19 scent options, from beloved aromatherapy classics to our own unique fragrance blends, perfect for any purpose and occasion.


Large Tumbler

The large tumbler is our most popular candle type; it combines a strong scent throw with a long burn time. It will fill all but the biggest of rooms with fragrance and will last over 45 hours.