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by Isle of Skye Candle Company

Hebridean Breeze Miniature

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Hebridean Breeze Experience the rugged and untamed beauty of the Scottish islands with the fresh, invigorating fragrance of Hebridean Breeze. Herbaceous notes of nettle and sea kelp blend beautifully with the soft scent of the marram grass and sand verbena to create a fragrance that is sure to transport you to the untouched, windswept beaches of the Hebrides, surrounded by the wild and endless. Scottish Collection This collection is inspired by the rugged Scottish Highlands. The scents we have created capture the distinct Scottish seasons and are as distinctive as the breath-taking landscapes that inspire them. From soft, fresh aromas to deep and rich fragrances. Scottish Miniatures These miniature candles are a great way to trial our scents or give as a wee thank you. They will last around 20 hours and are simply the cutest.
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