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Trying to navigate these unprecedented waters, keep our amazing customers safe and also able to get their favourite products, we’ve decided to add more ranges to our website. These are products that have previously been available exclusively in-store.
The brands we partner with share the same values we do here at Skye Candles; all the products we offer are handmade in Scotland and as natural and environmentally cautious as possible. So without further ado, let us introduce you the first three brands we’ve added...

Isle of Skye Soap Company

This family run business specialises in aromatherapy soaps and soap making, as the name would suggest, right here on the Isle of Skye. Thanks to their extensive scent creation experience of over 17 years and unique timber moulds, Skye Soaps are a truly artisan product. We only offer a fraction of their range, to explore their full collection head to
FUN FACT: Isle of Skye Soap Co. has a very special place in Skye Candles history too! It was this lovely soap shop in Portree, where our founder James learnt about mixing scents and decided to start his own journey with scented candles. 

Highland Soap Co.

Even though the history of Skye Candles collaboration with Highland Soap Co. doesn’t go as far back as the tie with Skye Soaps, it’s been well established over the years. You can find a selection of the Highland Soap Co. range in every one of our stores and now online too! The partnership with this Spean Bridge based business was formed thanks to our shared values of creating natural products in the Highlands, that are cruelty free and with recyclable packaging. To explore ALL the products Highland Soap Co. has to offer, click here

Isle of Skye Seaweed Co.

Another neighbour on the island who creates natural skincare products, including beard wax and beard oil amongst other great things. Even though the company is still relatively new, we are 100% behind their ethos; Ben the company founder has made a point to include the “Skye Made.” brand on every one of their product, indicating that they are truly locally made, as well as made of Skye sourced seaweed. If you wish to read more about their story and explore their collection visit


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