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Make the most out of your Skye Candles

With their high grade essential oils, 100% natural soya wax and linen wicks, our candles are not only designed to take care of the earth but also take care of themselves as best they can. However, there are still a few things to remember so your candles can continue to light up your self-care routine to their full potential.
With our slow burning linen wicks providing a longer and cleaner burn, it is important you pay particular attention to burning your candle all the way to the edge of the glass. This may take upward of 2 hours, however blowing a candle out before the wax pool has done so will lead to “tunnelling", meaning a lot of wax left at the sides untouched. 
If you do need to blow your candle out before the wax reaches the glass, don't trim the wick for your next burn (we’ll get onto wick trimming next) and let it burn long enough so next time it will reach the sides. If you are someone who likes a quick boost of fragrance from your candles, or a short burn before bed, we recommend you use a smaller candle, such as our Scottish collection miniatures, as these will not take as long to burn to the edge. 
It is very important that you trim your wick between burns to around 1cm. We recommend doing this between each burn once the wax has hardened by using a Wick Trimmer, however general scissors can also be used. Doing so will help you to get the longest and cleanest burn from your candles. Not trimming your wick can also lead to the top of your wick developing a mushroom shape and this can lead to excessive sooting. Sooting is what leads to your candle developing black marks on the inside of the glass and can lead to the candle becoming extra hot and burn faster and unevenly. If your candle does develop soot, we recommend wiping this away once your candle has cooled down.  
The last few things to consider ensuring an even burn are to try to keep your candles away from any draughts and burn them on as flat a surface as possible. Additionally, once you have blown your candle out, clear away any debris that has fallen from the wick into the wax. 
Finally, give your candle a quick check before it’s first burn. We do our utmost best to ensure our candles leaving the workshop are of the finest quality. However, although very rarely, sometimes damage can occur when products are in transit. Something as simple as a tiny hairline crack can develop and cause the jar to shatter once the candle starts burning and the glass heats up. It is also important to discontinue use of the candle when 1cm of wax remains, as this is the point when the flame is hottest and without sufficient wax to burn there is a small chance it can cause extreme stress in the glass, leading to it cracking. 
We hope this candle care guide gives you all the information you need to get the most out of your Skye Candles product. Candle care aside, the most important thing is that you embrace the ambiance and enjoy the world class natural home fragrance.


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